Come and experience authentic Caribbean cooking with our tradition Saint Lucian family at a beautiful organic family farm with tropical gardens. 

Learn about both the current palette of the locals as well as the food origins of this historic isle. Through hands-on instructions with only the best and freshest seasonal ingredients, you will be able to cook authentic Creole delicacies in no time. 

Not only will you have an opportunity to learn how to cook but also this authentic “quartier” includes an educational and informative tropical garden tour that will culminate in a Saint Lucian lunch of seasonal ingredients featured. 

Come join us in our authentic Saint Lucian “quartier” and enjoy a fantastic foodie experience like non-other.

USD $95 per person (13+)

Ingredients for an authentic Lucian cooking class

Authentic chefs seasoned a lifetime

1 Local Saint Lucian Family with roots dug deep into the Saint Lucian Soil

1 Beautiful organic farm paired with a tropical Garden

1 Traditional open-air kitchen made with bamboo, twigs, and stones

3 Hour step-by-step lessons mixed with hands on teaching, learning, and eating

1 heaping tbsp. of positive attitude

1 never forgotten, authentic, culinary experience

See a Video Tour 

Authentic cooking classes on the island of Saint Lucia